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Erth Token is a base for the Erth Points Loyalty Rewards Program

Erth Points System is a reward-based ecosystem where all parties benefit.

Using patented technology, businesses can attract customers via a PAY-per-SALE marketing system, unlike PAY-per-CLICK. Erth Points are rewarded to customers, their ECO and Rewards4Earth Foundation. Customers can spend them at any business that accepts them as a payment option. This means the points only cost the business if it makes sales. Using the concepts of affiliate marketing and customer incentives, the Erth Points System has the potential to revolutionise consumer spending.

Unlike traditional loyalty systems, the Erth Points System creates a triple customer incentive: personal reward, and support for their ECO and the environment. Most customers support some sort of club or cause, so the potential market is very vast. The other big difference with Erth Points is that once gifted, the Erth Points are owned by the recipient, not the business that gifted them. Therefore there’s no liability to the business on the balance sheet. The ECOs and Rewards4Earth Foundation are also rewarded with the points, the business meets both social and environmental obligations, every time it makes a sale.


Loyalty Rewards Program

Erth Points Loyalty Rewards Program is the first blockchain-based Loyalty Program. Erth Points are funded by businesses and enable them to attract and reward customers, to say thank you for buying from them. Supporters can earn Erth Points as they purchase from participating businesses, save and keep them or spend at any business in the world that accepts them. Supporters cannot purchase Erth Points through the Erth Points System.

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